Appreciation of capability

This assessment is suitable for you if you have less time and want to understand what your current added value and meaning are for your environment and what it might be in the future. You will be guided and taken care of throughout your trajectory. Your supervisor will work with you on your portfolio and have an intake interview. He will also explain and answer your questions when delivering your conclusive experience certificate. The intake leads to an intake and experience report that together with your portfolio forms the basis for your valuation interview. With an appreciation of capability, you have several options that can still be adjusted during the valuation interview. For example, at the intake, you choose a professional standard that you want to use as an assessment framework. You can also choose to have your transferral competencies fully imagined. When appreciating capability, we always provide insight into your current and potential employability levels. You can choose for more or less detail in the analysis of your competences. With more detail, you will get an extensive set of handles to enable your development to a higher employability level.

The valuation interview is conducted with two assessors. One of them is very knowledgeable in your field of work and the other focuses on your transferrable competencies. This conversation lasts at least two and a half hours. Your assessors have a brief conversation with your direct supervisor before. He tells of what he dares to entrust you all and what meaning you have for him and his organization. Everything he tells is only truthful for the assessors if they have observed that with you. Our assessors build on their discernment and the conversation with your supervisor is only guiding them.

Lead time indication: 8 weeks

Price: from € 1,835.00 excl. 21% VAT