Vocational VNFIL-Assessment according to the STARRT-method and CBI

This assessment is suitable for you if you want to establish your competencies in terms of a clearly defined professional standard. This can be a vocational qualification, a bachelor's final term, a sector standard or an industry-standard. You want to know where you stand concerning a standard. In addition, you have ample time to chart your competencies and build up your portfolio using the STARRT method. For each component to be proved, you do this by describing the Situation where that played out, which Task you had concerning to this component, which Activity(s) you carried out with which Result(s). Also, you give a Reflection of what you learned about this component and you describe the Transfer on how to apply this component in another situation.

In the preparation for the assessment, you mainly go to work yourself. You are supported by a portfolio supervisor. After your portfolio is ready, it is valued by an assessor who has a broad and in-depth knowledge of the standard that your assessment is about. He will ask you questions during a Criterion Based Interview (CBI) about components for which he needs more substantiation.

Lead time indication: 4 months

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