Do you learn a lifetime, as an individual and/or organization? Are you familiar with your competences and capabilities and what you could add to your environment? Are you developing?

Adding value to stakeholders

Successful people and organizations are those who fully meet expectations of their stakeholders or, even better yet, to exceed these without harming themselves. That's at the heart of service. Do you know your stakeholders? Do you know what their expectations are towards you? Do you meet the explicit or implicit requirements they make to you? Think of diplomas and certificates but also culture, leadership, entrepreneurship, transparency, vulnerability, et cetera?

CeWaCa offers a wide range of services related to developing people and organizations so that both join and mutually strengthen themselves. This starts with competence ratings such as VNFIL assessments and ends with full career support. This includes organizational advice and training.

For organizations

Are you looking for the diamonds in your organization, the people who often deliver quality in silence, who are almost invisible? Do you want to know if an employee has the potential to make the next step and that this knowledge makes your and his investment worth it?

Are you throwing away gold?

With reorganizations, it often happens that people have to leave when remediation is carried out. Are you sure you retain the right people for your renewed organization?

Do you want to test people in your organization against your unique job profiles or national qualification profiles so that you can justify having competent employees on board?

Do you want to know how to give your organization a growth spurt with your employees? Because the quality of your organization is the sum of all that its employees contribute?

Do you want to know up to what employability level your employees can develop and manifest themselves?

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For individuals

Do you want to take the next step in your career and increase your chances of success?

Do you want a full career switch because your current profession can no longer be exercised by you?

Are you wondering if and how you can do and serve more for your environment?

Do you want to have your future in your hand, be the director of it?

Our first task is to appreciate your capability. That is also included in our name. The most important outcome of a valuation process is a so-called Experience Certificate. It describes what competencies you have and which are within your potential and ambition and need development to strengthen your added value for your environment.

Go to ASSESSMENTS for the range of valuation processes.

Do you already have an experience certificate and would you like to know how to shape the development advice contained therein?

For the development of so-called vocational or technical competences, you can often visit your learning/workplace and/or a training institute. When it comes to transferral competencies, the competencies you also use outside your profession, we offer training and coaching that are closely aligned with the toolbox that we use during assessments. You can find more information about this in the training  ‘Leadership for Everyone’ and ‘Individual Coaching’.

For HR-professionals

Are you already working in the VNFIL domain or would you like to focus on it?

Would you like to know what the full breadth of Appreciation of capability entails?

Do you want to know about the design, layout and maintenance of a future-proof an sustainable portfolio?

Would you like to look around in our kitchen? Maybe you want to join us? The Centre for Appreciation of Capability is always searching for diamonds that can shine with us.

Or do you want to start a VNFIL assessment center for yourself to develop an even better picture of the employees entrusted to you?

Of course, you can contact us for consultation on these questions.

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