Training as a supervisor

Do you want to acquire the knowledge and insight about how the Centre for Appreciation of Capability fulfils the role of supervisor? You learn to unburden a candidate to the maximum. An important part of the training is that you, together with the candidate, make an inventory of his knowledge and experience, complete an intake and experience report with him and build up his portfolio with him. You will also learn how to interpret an experience certificate so that you can explain it in detail to a candidate if he has questions about it. As a supervisor, you are the connecting link between the candidate and the VNFIL provider. You know how to motivate the candidate to deliver the maximum quality of his portfolio and experience report. Reality shows that candidates with a high-quality portfolio and experience reporting have a better chance of recognizing their competencies. You help the candidate to reflect well on his knowledge and experience during an intake interview.

At the end of the training, you have the insights to successfully master the skills related to guidance.

For whom? (Future) VNFIL providers, anyone who wants to master the profession of a supervisor a la Centre for Appreciation of Capability, teachers and lecturers (to further professionalize their role as a study career coach), HR professionals and managers (to facilitate the development of their employees even better)

Duration of training: four dayparts

Number of participants: 3-7

Price per participant: € 895,00 excl. 21% VAT

If you aim to become a supervisor with us, a (free) intake interview of approximately one hour precedes the training.

At the end of that interview, you will immediately be informed whether we would like to apply you as a supervisor, provided that you successfully finish the course. When deployed as a supervisor, you will receive the training costs spread over six trajectories from us.