Individual coaching

Do you have any questions about your (professional) development that you don't come out of for a while? Do you want to stay ahead of a burnout? Have you participated in an Appreciation of Capabilities and have you received an experience certificate with development advice? At the Centre for Appreciation of Capability, a coach is someone who works with you, walks alongside you, gives solicited and unsolicited advice and feedback, and has an eye for emotion because things are sometimes just difficult. With individual coaching, you are supported and guided to successfully follow development advice and to answer learning questions. You do it yourself because you learn by doing. Your coach is your facilitator and catalyst that gets you started with wanting, being able, being allowed to, daring and doing; whatever your purpose is. Based on a plan of action to be drawn up together, the coaching is carried out in which that plan serves as a guide. Gradually the coaching can raise new questions and wishes. You and your coach will discuss this openly together. Your coach is a professional with broad and in-depth experience that matches your field.

For coaching, two participants are preferred because they can encourage each other to achieve their goals.

Individual coaching is also an integral part of the Career Guidance Service.

For whom? Everyone who has a development need and wants customized coaching

the duration of coaching: Six dayparts (indicative)

Number of participants: 1-2

Price per participant with one participant: € 3.235.00 excl. 21% VAT

Price per participant with two participants: € 1,765,00 excl. 21% VAT