VNFIL repair other providers

It is not the first time that someone has been disappointed by an Experience Certificate from another VNFIL provider. Then a second opinion can be in place. Also, we make a summary or complete statement of the candidate's cross-professional employment level, such as desired by the candidate. You conduct the valuation interview with two assessors, one of whom is highly skilled in your occupational field and the other focuses on your cross-professional skills. This conversation lasts at least two and a half hours. If desired, your assessors will conduct a brief interview with your immediate supervisor beforehand. He tells about what he dares to entrust to you and what significance you have for him and his organization. All he tells is only true for the assessors if they have observed it with you. Our assessors build on their discernment and the conversation with your supervisor is only guiding them.

Lead time indication: 8 weeks

Price: from € 1.460.00 excl. 21% VAT