Nationaal Kenniscentrum EVC
(Dutch National VNFIL Knowledge Centre)

To be socially significant, it is important that service recipients can rely on their suppliers. It is no different with VNFIL. As of January 1, 2016, the Labor Foundation 'Stichting van de Arbeid' has designated the Stichting Examenkamer as a responsible executive organization to promote and support quality in the labor market route. This means that the Stichting Examenkamer supervises the application of the VNFIL Quality Code, the recognition of Evaluating Organizations, the recognition of VNFIL providers and the recognition of industry standards. For implementation, the Stichting Examenkamer has set up the 'Nationaal Kenniscentrum EVC' (Dutch National VNFIL Knowledge Center, the center of expertise for the labor market.

The Center for Appreciation of Capability considers quality to be of paramount importance and is therefore happy to be consistent with the quality code 2.0 of the Dutch National VNFIL Knowledge Center.