Distinguish in transition

Everything moves! Standstill is long gone, change the only certainty. Agility to follow and design to lead go hand in hand. The Centre for Appreciation of Capability supports people in the individual course setting for the most appropriate transition. It is all about their future. We support organizations in their objectives concerning collaborative relationships where there are only winners.


People have the right to find and develop their personal and environmental conditions to fully grow and flourish and thereby contribute to their well-being, self-realization, and society in a dynamic world. Organizations are the vehicle and develop at the same time with their employees.


In a society that is changing faster and faster, and where social and cultural dynamics are constantly becoming more and more complex, being distinctive is crucial, for organizations, but certainly also for individuals. Demonstrating added value and significance by yourself or by third parties is the instrument for personal well-being, in the professional context and beyond. Compared to experience, training courses are in most cases 'just' a starting point and often placed in a 'frozen' context, the curriculum. In the by definition dynamic workplace by definition (organizations lose their right to exist when they stand still), continuous learning is of vital importance. That is why it is crucial for the right to exist of the individual and thus the organization to look at the daily effort and opportunities that people have, in which they have demonstrably gained experience and knowledge and persevere, and where they can excel, and especially where potential growth is possible. Where changes alternate faster and faster, manoeuvrability and agility are still success factors. This adaptability is visible in transferrable competencies. Applying these competencies in an increasingly unpredictable future is the key to success.

Netwerk of assessors

The Centre of Appreciation of Capability is a lively network of people with very diverse expertise who demonstrate what 'candidates' want, can, allow, dare and do. These assessors are experts in their professional domain and map the knowledge and skills of candidates. With their candidates, they create the transition to the candidates’ future inside an environment they want. They connect competencies to ambition, potential, and talent in a defined or still undefined context, desired by the candidate.


The Centre for Appreciation of Capability is a VNFIL-provider that adheres to the VNFIL-code of the Dutch National VNFIL Knowledge Centre (Nationaal Kenniscentrum EVC). On top of that, we always put acquired competencies in a future perspective because these competencies only get meaningful there. The ‘now’ is already over when we pronounce it. In 'Appreciation of Capability', this future is embedded.


Depending on the candidate's objective, valuation always is the outcome. This recognition is made visible of a variety of documents, including an Experience Certificate.

Facilitating learning

The Centre for Appreciation of Capability facilitates the learning of people and organizations. She does this by carrying out assessment trajectories such as VNFIL, provision of career and training advice, training guidance, individual coaching, and training.

Because living is learning, one can't do without the other.

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