There's more to get out of it

Do you know that feeling? A little bit restless, there's something in the air, but it's not yet shown, the dawn of that first promising spring day. What unduly too. You feel the energy to tackle something, but you don't know what. Maybe it's because you're in a rut for too long, miss the challenge, sit in a straitjacket, or that you haven't found your destination yet. Maybe it's just time for something new and you did not dare to take steps yet. Maybe you should just get a push. Because who doesn't want to be proud of what he's achieving? Who doesn't want the recognition of all his qualities? Do you want to get the most out of life and work?

Welcome to Centrum voor Waardering van Capabiliteit (Centre for Appreciation of Capability, CeWaCa in short)

Why choose CeWaCa?  Perspective!

Your future is our focus. Whether it concerns you or your company. Today is the first day of that, You want to promote your emp0loyabi9lity and four added value, gain more insight into your capacity and capability. Taking a different path because you want or have to. Knowing where your limits lie, whether a career step is feasible for you. You want to move forward.

Our added value for you? We not only make a 'photo' of your current competencies but also visualize your potential and ambition.

Less hassle

At CeWaCa you don't have to put together a portfolio for days, fill in lengthy questionnaires, and justify each competence in advance on paper. CeWaCa relieves you, goes hand in hand with you to find proof of your competences. Our most important tool: personal contact, a conversation with you about what your skills are, what you can do, what you are proud of, what you appreciate, and where you would like to go. You gain an efficient and effective view of a feasible future.

Our customers

  • Individuals who want to take the next step in their career, want to know if it is within their reach and, if so, how to get there

  • People who want to know at what general employability level they act and want to know whether a higher level is feasible for them and how to achieve it. From level 1 (Routinely works in a context familiar and/or familiar to him/her, works fully under supervision and acts at instruction level) to level 7 (Carries managerial responsibility in a complex and undefined (international) context, works from an open objective/job description to be able to give form and content to the development of policy frameworks for the own work organization, but also within new disciplines and domains)

  • People who want to know whether they are credentialed for their profession, who are already doing more for what they were trained for

  • Companies that want to upgrade their employees and identify who is most promising for this

  • Companies that want to know the potential of their staff

  • Companies that want to grow in a more complex market and want to know what to do for it

  • Companies that understand that they are the sum of the qualities of their employees and are eager to really know

  • People who can use support to strengthen their position on the labor market