There's more to get out of it

Do you know that feeling? A little bit restless, there's something in the air, but it's not yet shown, the dawn of that first promising spring day. What unduly too. You feel the energy to tackle something, but you don't know what. Maybe it's because you're in a rut for too long, miss the challenge, sit in a straitjacket, or that you haven't found your destination yet. Maybe it's just time for something new and you did not dare to take steps yet. Maybe you should just get a push. Because who doesn't want to be proud of what he's achieving? Who doesn't want the recognition of all his qualities? Do you want to get the most out of life and work?

Welcome to Centrum voor Waardering van Capabiliteit (Hereafter: Centre for Appreciation of Capability)

Always on the road

Only today exists and the future is just around the corner. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. To make something beautiful about it is a matter of wanting, being able, being allowed to, daring and doing.

What do you want? What are your ambitions?

What can you do? What knowledge and skills do you have to realize your ambitions?

Are you allowed? Are you being awarded to realize your ambitions and do you permit yourself to do so?

Do you dare? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats to make your ambitions come true? Do you have the character and power to get started, knowing that it won't go by itself?

Are you doing it? Because by doing, it will happen and your ambitions will become reality. Doing is planning and implementing activities, on the way to a feasible future perspective.

The Centre for Appreciation of Capability is happy to accompany you to make this success factors your achievement. We are here to promote your added value to yourself and for your environment, to get the most out of it. We do this by appreciating your competencies and exploring what potential is in you and then supporting your further development. We are therefore more than a provider of assessments for the Valuation of Non-formal and Informal Learning (VNFIL) or Valuation of Prior Learning (VPL) because that is only a baseline measurement. We go much further because it only starts with this baseline measurement. From there you take the steps for your development. Because you're always on the move, a lifetime.

Centre for Appreciation of Capability also goes on because we understand that organizations, managers and HR professionals want to be successful, to make sustainable contributions and be meaningful with and for their environment.

Capability is defined as ‘the power or ability to do something' or ‘the power or ability to do something’.

Capability has three crucial questions [1]:

  • What is in the genes and does the person naturally get qualities with it?
  • How did the person get able through training/ self-study?
  • What experience has the person gained by now?

The combination of aptitude, knowledge, and experience establishes to what extent someone has the capacity for a role to be played. There's also a future perspective. All genes and qualities do not need to be developed yet. In particular, in the appreciation of capability, we will highlight that future perspective. Together we will explore what gained skills can do for your future and that of your environment.

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